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Color photo of a neon sign reading OPEN and an overexposed fluorescent overhead light is visible in the background along with the head and shoulder of a person inside the store window.

Film Photography

I had shot two rolls of film in college and loved it, but I couldn’t afford the on-going expense and got a digital camera instead. I really wish I had found my way back to film photography sooner but better late than never. I’ve started shooting both 35mm and 120 film, fully manual cameras, most …

A kite (bird, not sure of exact specifies)/ hawk has its wings outstretched and it's tail at a canter as it positions itself to dive and land. The bird is against an out of focus vegetation but is slightly backlit giving the edges of the feathers a warm glow. Looks like the bird is staring straight at the camera.


It’s a plane, it’s a bird, it’s… a bird.


Bonaire 2022

Preliminary photos from Bonaire, more/refined photos later.


Blue Heron 2021

One of my dive goals has been to hangout with an octopus and I finally got an opportunity near the end of my second and last dive. I spotted the octopus from its decorative hole with shells arranged all around and decided to camp out until I was rewarded with its eye peaking out. That …


Glacier National Park 2019

I visited Glacier National Park in October 2019 and stayed in Columbia Falls in a cute one room cabin for around two weeks. My friends were also visiting and staying in the cabin next door and that was really fun. The Columbia Falls area after the crowds leave is just the right amount of sleepy …


Maui 2019

I did 10 dives in Maui in May, 4 at and around Molokini Crater, 1 at Pinnacle point, 2 in Lanai, and two beach dives at Airport Beach and Mala Pier (night dive). The dives were great and of course we came across a manta ray and a pod (?) of 5 sharks on the …

Jubilee College State Park

I have had bad timing with weather, travel, and motivation to properly schedule a local Fall color walkabout. There was total cloud cover but it looked like there might be some “holes” in the cloud where the sun might peek through, which I wanted to capture as shafts of light highlighting the fall colors. Well, …


Milky Way at Zion

Shooting the Milky Way galactic core rising over The Watchmen was exciting but things did not go smoothly. Focusing on the stars (infinity) is difficult in the pitch black but keeping the peak in focus as well made it more challenging. Astrophotography is a very slow process, each exposure is 10 to 30 seconds long …


Zion National Park

I went to Zion National Park in Southern Utah in early May. I was inspired to go to Zion after following the trips of Ben Horne and Thomas Heaton on their respective YouTube channels (Ben and Tom).


Grandview Sunrise

Waking up at 5 am is not very exciting, even for a hobby I enjoy


Eureka… Not!

I saw the radar and thought that the snow front offered some potential for gaps in cloud cover for a little color to show up at sunset


Focus-stacking landscapes during a snow “storm”

I decided to head out to the Forest Park Nature Center trails to find some protected coves because any wide composition would be whited out at any significant distance because we got more snow today, the third day of Spring, than any other winter day.


Lake Superior ice heaves in Duluth, MN

I was in Duluth, MN for a few days on a work trip. I really enjoy staying in the Canal Park area right by lake Superior for the grand vistas (and the restaurants).


Kauai 2018

This was my third trip to the Hawaiian Islands, having visited the Island of Hawaii (Big Island) with a day trip to Oahu and Maui on previous trips. Kauai is known as the garden island and the lush greenery lives up to that name.

California 2017

I went to visit some friends and family in California in the summer of 2017 and had a chance to learn to use the Sony a7ii. Here are some of the results of my trip through LA/Pacific Coast Highway, Joshua Tree and Yosemite National Parks, and the Bay area.