Glacier National Park 2019

I visited Glacier National Park in October 2019 and stayed in Columbia Falls in a cute one room cabin for around two weeks. My friends were also visiting and staying in the cabin next door and that was really fun. The Columbia Falls area after the crowds leave is just the right amount of sleepy next to the crown jewel of the continent, Glacier National Park.

Unfortunately, a blizzard had beat me to Montana and brought along 4 feet of snow which led to the Going to the Sun road to be closed for the season, a perfect excuse to go back to this heavenly location. I was nervous about the trip and it didn’t have anything to do with having to carry a bear spray at all times. Thankfully, I did not see any grizzly bears but I was lucky enough to see two black bears, a couple of foxes (or the same fox twice), deer, and had two moose blocking my path one day. This was my first photography excursion to the mountains and I had always secretly thought that if I could just get to the mountains I would automatically take great photos, so that was unhelpful pressure. However, Glacier National Park is supremely stunningly astoundingly gorgeous and it really is about just showing up and clicking the shutter, not much else to it.

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