Focus-stacking landscapes during a snow “storm”

I decided to head out to the Forest Park Nature Center trails to find some protected coves because any wide composition would be whited out at any significant distance because we got more snow today, the third day of Spring, than any other winter day. I added a L-bracket to my setup to make portrait orientation on the tripod a lot easier and added a Arca-Swiss compatible tripod head and I wanted to try it out. The snow made for an interesting landscape as well providing a challenging environment to try out the gear. I wanted to take some photos for focus stacking but the snow was coming down hard and fast at times which forced me pick compositions in the direction of the wind so my lens would stay clean (lesson learned, bring your lens hood even when there isn’t any sun).

These three photos above (100% crop, click to zoom) show the difference in sharpness between the tree trunk to the left and the main subject of the photo, the leaves in the background. This image was shot at f/10 but the weather contributed to the dramatic difference in sharpness between the two planes. The final image is created by stacking the close and far focus images together in Photoshop.

Here are a couple other photos from today using the same focus stacking method.

Edit: Added a couple more photos from the next day, more focus stacking practice.

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