Zion National Park

I went to Zion National Park in Southern Utah in early May. I was inspired to go to Zion after following the trips of Ben Horne and Thomas Heaton on their respective YouTube channels (Ben and Tom).

Zion is beautiful, the sheer scale of the canyon is breath-taking and humbling. I spent my entire first day hiking without my camera just to get a feel for the place and it was therapeutic. My intention was to go to Zion in the Spring as a practice run for the famous Fall colors so I didn’t want to worry too much about getting good shots. It is a very challenging place to shoot since the light is constantly shifting and everything is so big and beautiful you don’t know what to shoot aside from panorama snapshots.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole while trying to capture the iconic Zion shot, The Watchmen. She alerted me to the Milky Way rising over the Watchmen at 2 am, so we both came back for that. However, the weather didn’t cooperate with us, clouds (which we would have loved to have had during sunset when we had a bright blue featureless sky) started rolling in right as the galactic core peeked over the peaks.

I put off putting this post up because I’m not happy with my images, I was quite disappointed in my ability to find good compositions despite the abundance of beauty. I hope to return…

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