Lake Superior ice heaves in
Duluth, MN

I was in Duluth, MN for a few days on a work trip. I really enjoy staying in the Canal Park area right by lake Superior for the grand vistas (and the restaurants).
I’ve been to Duluth several times and each time the lake has been different but beautiful. But this time it was truly special, in the form of ice heaves. I have wanted to see crystal clear chunks of ice by the water ever since I first saw photos of black volcanic Icelandic beaches but I did not expect to see the same eerie blue glow from chunks of ice by the lake when I walked out on to the hotel patio; I was ecstatic! Despite not having the right gear, I was up for the sunrise the next two mornings and it was absolutely worth it… watching the first rays of sun set the ice on fire was surreal. It’s a good thing that sunrises are short because I needed to get to work (and avoid frost-bite).

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