One of my dive goals has been to hangout with an octopus and I finally got an opportunity near the end of my second and last dive. I spotted the octopus from its decorative hole with shells arranged all around and decided to camp out until I was rewarded with its eye peaking out. That alone was super exciting but as I kept still with my camera pointed and hung-out for 3-5 minutes the octopus got comfortable and started exploring my camera with its tentacle. Just for legal reasons I must state that I, in-fact, took the photo and all rights belong to me and it wasn’t an octopus selfie. But it was a dream come true!

I took a trip to West Palm Beach, FL in the hopes of diving a lot but due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances I only managed to get two dives in at Blue Heron Bridge (BHB). BHB is a rather unique location because of how unremarkable it is from the surface. It’s a tiny park nestled under an overpass, bridge makes it sound more regal than it is, with a thin strip of beach and at high tide the average depth of the dive is barely 10 feet. But it is some of the best diving for finding tiny critters. So many reference photos of species are images taken at BHB, as you’ll see if you browse this website even for a bit.

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