I did 10 dives in Maui in May, 4 at and around Molokini Crater, 1 at Pinnacle point, 2 in Lanai, and two beach dives at Airport Beach and Mala Pier (night dive). The dives were great and of course we came across a manta ray and a pod (?) of 5 sharks on the one dive where I didn’t have a camera. However, the other dives also had fantastic wildlife. I’m probably most excited about the harlequin shrimp (featured photo above), they’re so tiny and so pretty… so much like a like a delicate orchid, absolutely stunning.
The night dive at Mala Pier was also a fantastic experience; it was just dive master David and myself and it was a very chill way to explore the amazing biodiversity of the site. So many eels, fish, some crabs and lobsters… and my first experience with bio-luminescence! The bio-luminescence was not very pronounced but still incredible, floating weightlessly in the pitch black and then waving your arm watching the water glow was surreal.
The boat ride over to Lanai and experiencing fist Cathedral was a neat excursion. The topography there is quite unique and there are so many beautiful arches to swim through. People spend a lifetime perfecting their Cathedral photos, I’m definitely going to need several more attempts before I can capture the true magnificence.
All the photos have the name of the species identified (hopefully correctly), click any photo to see it in full screen with the name.